6D Lotto Result Today Everything You Need To Know!!

Recently, PCSO has decided and shared the news of conducting some crazy jackpot games in the Philippines. The list of games includes around 5-digit games, STL games, and 5 jackpot-bearing games. Among all of the games, Dragon 6D is one of the most popular and highly appreciated ones. And, for this, PCSO (Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office) draws the result thrice a week which are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Furthermore, the time to see the 6D Lotto result is sharp at 9 PM on the dedicated days. So, to know a better brief of all of its aspects, read the below-written article completely. 

6D RESULT March 26, 2024

6D Lotto March 26, 2024
9:00 PM 2-5-8-4-1-4
First Prize 2,401,620.48
Number of Winner(s) 0

How To Play Lotto 6D?

Everyone is crazy about playing Lotto 6D and the reason is also very obvious which is its trait of being one of the most beneficial yet simplest games offered by PCSO. The best thing is that this game offers at least a minimum MGA of 150,000 pesos which attracts more players to check their luck. Furthermore, to know about the steps of playing and winning this game, read the below-shared steps precisely. 

  • First of all, your task is to select numbers. The range for the selection is from 0 (zero) to 9 (nine). 
  • Once you understand the concept, start marking the numbers one by one in the given six-column play slip. 
  • However, you also have the option to go for LP (Lucky Pick) in which the machine chooses the numbers for you so that you do not need to brainstorm a lot. 
  • Now, it’s time to make the payment for your bought ticket. Here, the cost may vary as per the play amount you have marked. 
  • Moreover, the minimum payment can be PHP 12.00 for every six-digit combination. So, finally, make the payment in the AMT column. 
  • After that, you need to mark the desired number of draws you want in the available draw panel section. Remember that a set of the same numbers can only be tried for a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 consecutive draws. 
  • With this, you are done and the only thing left is the winner’s announcement. When the 6D lotto result is disseminated, it may include more than one first-prize winner, and in such a case, the pool amount gets divided among the winners according to their betting amount. 
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What is the process of claiming the 6D lotto result?

There are two ways of claiming the 6D lotto results which include offline and online, both options. It provides credibility, assurance, and effortlessness to the players. 

1. Offline Method:

If you have your winning ticket and you want to claim your prizes then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, cross-verify the drawn number and its details shared by PCSO. 
  • Once done, take the hard copy of your winning ticket and write your complete name as well as do the signature on the back of it. 
  • After that, carry your two valid identity proofs and visit the location to get your prizes. 
  • The table of amount and places to claim your jackpot is mentioned below so have a look at that:
S. No. Amount Claiming location
1. From PHP 20.00 to PHP 10,000.00 Any authorized and certified PCSO outlet near your location which is near your current location.
2. From PHP 10,000.00 to PHP 300,000.00 Any PCSO branch which is near your current location.
3. Any Jackpot prize The main office of PCSO which is situated in Shaw boulevard of Mandaluyong City

2. Online Method:

The terms and conditions here are that only the winning amount of PHP 300,000.00 and below can be cashed out using the E-Lotto application by PCSO. And, if you have prize money of PHP 300,000.01 and above then you need to visit the main office of PCSO to claim the prize. So, to claim the Dragon 6D prize, follow the below-shared steps precisely:

  • First of all, cross-verify the draw and keep the QR code of the winning ticket handy with you. 
  • Next, you need to carry two of your valid identity proofs with you to claim the prize. 
  • Furthermore, use the E-lotto application and follow the steps precisely to get the winning amount. 
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Note: Whenever you claim a jackpot prize of more than PHP 10,000, a tax of 20% is applicable as per the TRAIN law. Not only this but 1 percent of commission is also enforced in this case which is given to the PCSO agent from where you have bought the Lotto 6D ticket. Moreover, make sure that you claim the prize as soon as possible otherwise it will be forfeited within one year only. Apart from this, make sure that you do not use any tampered tickets as PCSO does not entertain such activities. 

How to check the lotto result today?

There are various ways and mediums from where you can check your 6D lotto result and to know about them read the below shared points:

  • From the official website that is Lottopcso.com.
  • Via PTV
  • Through the official online platforms including Facebook and Twitter IDs.

Note: As already shared above PCSO announces the result of lucky draws or jackpots on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday only. But, if that day is announced as a national holiday then the result gets postponed to the very next day only, and that too at 9 PM sharp. 

What is the new schedule of lotto games?

The table including the name of the lotto games, days of result announcement, and specific time for that is mentioned below so have a look at them and stay attentive to try your luck without any carelessness. 

S. No. Lotto Games Days  Time
1. Ultra Lotto 6/58 Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday 9 PM
2. Grand Lotto 6/55 Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday 9 PM
3. Super Lotto 6/49 Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 9 PM
4. Mega Lotto 6/45 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9 PM
5. Lotto 6/42 Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 9 PM
6. 6D Lotto Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 9 PM
7. 4D Lotto Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9 PM
8. 3D Lotto Monday to Sunday 2 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM
9. STL Pares, swer3, and Swer2 Visayas Monday to Sunday 10:30 AM, 3 PM, and 7 PM
10. STL Pares, Swer3, & Swer2, Swer4 Mindanao Monday to Sunday 10:30 AM, 3 PM, and 8 PM
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Above we shared a brief guide on 6D lotto results along with its other aspects like playing guide, prize claiming processes, detailed schedule with time, and so on which might have helped you in understanding this topic better. The best thing is that now players can buy and claim the tickets online as well which means more effortlessly trying your luck to the best. I hope the page helped you and if you want more details about any particular thing then do let us know about the same through the box mentioned below. 


Q.1 How much does a Lotto 6D ticket cost?

A lotto 6D ticket costs 12 pesos and anyone who wants to buy it needs to visit the nearest PCSO lotto outlet. This 12.00 pesos includes the Documentary Stamp Tax as well.

Q.2 Which are some of the best lotto games?

Mega Lotto 6/45, STL Pares, Swer3, & Swer2, Swer4 Mindanao, Ultra Lotto 6/58, 4D Lotto, Super Lotto 6/49, 3D Lotto, 6D Lotto, and so on are a few best and mostly played lotto games. 

Q.3 How much is the 6/55 grand lotto latest jackpot prize?

The latest 6/55 grand lotto jackpot prize is more than PHP 49.5 million. However, other games like 6/55 ultra lotto, 6/49 mega lotto, and 6/42 lotto have the latest jackpot prizes of more than PHP 49.5 million, PHP 8.8 million, and PHP 8.9 million, respectively. 

Q.4 What are the new rules of PCSO for lotto games?

The two major changes in the rules of lotto games that are given by PCSO are that all the facilities of lotto jackpot are now available online too on their web-based application. And, the other change is that now the prize amount has reached billions of pesos so that people get the best jackpot of their life. 

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